A love for Content Creation

We strive to create content that conveys the right messages, ticks the right boxes and sells the right product. Whether that’s through film, photography or up high from an aerial perspective,

TDR | 5 years of the best content

TDR has helped companies from small to global in scale achieve their marketing goals through the help of video. 

As we move forward with new and exciting work, we look back at some of the amazing content we’ve created over the past 5 years, since starting in 2017.

Case Study: Balthazar | So fresh

The brief was simple:

“Show that our food is the freshest food around”

Balthazar is well established for its well presented and well received food, along with a thriving bar for young professionals and party-goers on the weekends. Using a younger set of actors and a sense of humour in our storyboarding allowed us to play to that demographic whilst getting the message across – It’s so fresh you could dive right in!  

Getting Married?

TDR has helped hundreds of couples successfully become wed over the past 5 years… wait, no we haven’t. What we have done is create stunning videos that show off their day in the best light.

With TDR, you can expect comprehensive wedding coverage, from the heartfelt ceremony to the joyous celebrations throughout the entire day. Additionally, we collaborate with carefully selected photographers to provide a photography package that perfectly complements our videography services.

Home The Drone Ranger

TDR is commercially licensed through the DCA with the ability to operate in all reaches of the Channel Islands.

Home The Drone Ranger

TDR also currently have a PfCO license, allowing jobs to take place in the UK too.

Home The Drone Ranger


Home The Drone Ranger


Home The Drone Ranger


Home The Drone Ranger

Editing & Animation

Create a lasting Impression

Create content that doesn’t just show your brand, but invokes a message, drives a response or creates a discussion. Whether that’s covering events sponsored by your company, shows the prosperity of its employees or sets an atmosphere that you want potential customers to capture a glimpse of.

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