Balthazar Case Study

Working side-by-side since 2018!

Balthazar is a well loved local bar & restaurant, serving only the best seafood and steaks while opening its cocktail bar to Guernsey’s nightlife. Balthazar is one of our longer term clients, who we’ve grown with over the years. Follow the journey below.

Case Study Balthazar The Drone Ranger

LEts rewind to 2018

Balthazar approached TDR Studio (The Drone Ranger back then!) and took a chance on our newly formed business, at which time consisted of just Elliott and his camera and drone!

As you can see, we’ve been alongside Balthazar since the beginning, ensuring every aspect of the restaurant is filmed and documented.

2019, ahoy!

With the building constructed it was time for the real fun to begin. Once again, Balthazar needed some content to show off their delicious produce! We got to work producing a ‘From source to table’ video. This drove home how fresh their produce is, and just how responsibly and ethically sourced they pride themselves on being.

2020 Arrives

2020 was a year of innovation for Balthazar! Alongside a series of food videos we produced for them to tease their audience, we also lay witness to Steve’s unique attention grabbers. Firstly, the “ring for champagne” button…

…and secondly the viral-video-creating “Boogie Button”!

2021 incoming

In 2021 we took a glance to their menu (finally!), creating a series of mouth watering teasers. All-round delicious food made this an easy job!

Unfortunately Balthazar have taken the Moink burger off their menu now.. Our Director Elliott has refused to work with him ever since (Well.. not really, but it makes for great drama).

Alongside the food this year Balthazar also wanted to show off their extensive list of fresh cocktails, via a cocktail of the week series!

We opted for a fun step by step set-up, to really show how much thought and process is put into each cocktail – talk about value for a good time!

Hello 2022!

2022 saw a massive improvement in our quality,  alongside Balthazar’s ever-growing popularity!

The brief was simple:

“Show that our food is the freshest food around”

Balthazar is well established for its well presented and well received food, along with a thriving bar for young professionals and party-goers on the weekends. Using a younger set of actors and a sense of humour in our storyboarding allowed us to play to that demographic whilst getting the message across – It’s so fresh you could dive right in! 

It’s worth mentioning Balthazar took a month out and went to Paris! Well actually.. Paris came to Balthazar! We created a short but sweet entrée with a few plat d’accompagnement’s to compliment!

We also heroically stopped eating for the day in order to consume the mammoth pile of food Balthazar produced from their menu… after a bit of product photography.

2023 approaches!

This year we focused on trickery and festive fun! Not only that, but we finally got Steve himself to star in a few of the now locally famous commercials. 


First off was another viral sensation. Whilst meeting with Steve to discuss our next big project, we were fortunate enough to capture a whale breaching in Guernsey’s visitor marina! 

…and then somehow April turned to November (the years are definitely getting faster…) and it was time to talk Christmas! We decided it was best to update a Christmas classic scene from National Lampoon’s Family Christmas. Gary as ever, stole the show!

Case Study Balthazar The Drone Ranger

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