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From 2019 until today

Elizabeth College was first founded 450 years ago. We haven’t been working with them for as long as that, but what we have done is committed to documenting and showing off school life in the modern age.


Case Study Elizabeth College The Drone Ranger

working with elizabeth College

Most of the TDR crew spent some, or most, of their school years at Elizabeth College. So when we were invited back to film the School in 2019 as they embarked on the huge project of taking on RBC as an extension of their already amazing college, we couldn’t say no!

Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, looking into what makes the school tick. As you might have guessed, it’s the caring teachers and exciting life of students that keeps this hustle and bustle going!

But it’s not just about what the school does and how staff and students feel. It’s about the culture and comradery that is brought about by three simple beliefs:




Elizabeth College also offers a wide range of actives outside of the classroom. If the Welcome day video at the top of the page hasn’t made this clear enough, take a look at the Castel Swim that Elizabeth College hosts yearly, as well as they annual sports day!

"Working with TDR transforms the task of crafting films for our website and social media platforms into an effortless, enjoyable, and genuinely fun experience. Elliott and Ciaran not only bring a high level of professionalism but also exude friendliness and approachability, making them a pleasure to work with. Their creativity is evident in every completed project, showcasing a distinctive and captivating touch. What sets them apart is their willingness to incorporate our feedback seamlessly, fostering a collaborative environment that consistently delivers high-quality final films."

You can find all of the work we’ve created for Elizabeth College on their portfolio page, below

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