guernsey Water Case Study

Clean up christmas 2022

Guernsey Water form the body responsible for maintaining Guernsey’s water supply. Ensuring it is readily available and safe to drink. Looking on a smaller scale, they also take it upon themselves to better educate the island around safe disposal of waste.


Clean Up Christmas The Drone Ranger

The Brief

We were approached by Guernsey Water to create a campaign surrounding correct disposal of Fats, oils and greases. This is a campaign they have run in the past, but were looking to produce a fresh, new look for the messaging. This was set to take place over the Christmas period and as such needed to be reflected in the overall look and feel.

Clean Up Christmas The Drone Ranger

A What-deer?

We partnered up with Hamilton Brooke to create what eventually became the ‘Draindeer’. Our concept was a visually interesting entity that had child-like creation to it that would push a sense of helplessness into viewers heads – that with the correct messaging, would push people to consider how they dispose of their Christmas leftovers.

What had started as a simple sketch on paper, soon became the head of Guernsey Waters “Clean up Christmas” campaign!

Clean Up Christmas The Drone Ranger

We created our initial design in Illustrator. Once happy with the way our piped-up friend looked, we moved into Adobe After Effects to animate our character and bring him to life.

...Just in time for christmas

Our deliverables included a main campaign video to get the Draindeer into the spotlight, as well as a series of static and animated social posts to bolster the campaign online. 

"The Draindeer has given us a perfectly festive way to clean up Christmas, sharing information that could help all islanders, thank you"

Clean Up Christmas The Drone Ranger

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